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Just can't stay away
Posted on: 2020/7/26 19:34
goffy (Show more)
Just can't stay away
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XOOPS translations with Transifex

The Xoops-Community use www.transifex.com for translating the modules and the core.
This tool offers some very nice features like translating automatically if a term was used already in another module.
But suggestions for translations are based also on Fuzzy-matching, therefore also similar translation you can take over similar previous translations.

How can you contribute:
1) create an account on transifex.com
2) enter name, password and email
3) "A bit about you ": add some additional info
4) "What do you want": select "Join an existing project"
5) "Languages you speak":
- e.g. select "German (Germany) (de_DE)")
- select additional if you want ("English (United Kingdom) (en_GB)")
6) you get an activation code by mail, please confirm
7) goto "https://www.transifex.com/explore/projects/" and select a XOOPS module, e.g. enter "xoopspoll" in search field
8) the project "XoopsPoll" appears and on top right you find "Join the team"

One of the moderators will confirm your participation, and then you can start


Posted on: 2020/7/26 22:49
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: XOOPS translations with Transifex

Excellent job with this module! 

Now we should be able to have all modules translated in all languages! ToolTimes at work

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