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Just can't stay away
Posted on: 3/24 21:29
goffy (Show more)
Just can't stay away
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xNewsletter 1.4 RC ready for testing

Hi to all

xNewsletter is a newletter module for xoops
- Usage of one or more e-mail-accounts
- Admin of one or more newsletter possible
- Subscription procedure optionally use confirmation system (double-opt-in)
- Detailed handling of permissions for subscription procedures
- Newsletter are based on templates
- Detailed handling of permissions for groups and newsletter (subscribe, write, send)
- Send: send test mail, resend to all subscribers or only to subscribers, where sending failed
- Sending newsletters to unlimited number of recipients or in packages with certain number of recipients by using cronjob
- Bounced email handler for handling Bounced emails in case of invalid e-mail-addresses
- Optionally synchronisation with mailing lists (e.g. majordomo)
- Maintenance function included
- Creating protocol for the important steps

The current version use namespaces and can be run under PHP 7.4

You can download latest version from https://github.com/XoopsModules25x/xnewsletter

A detailed tutorial you can find at https://app.gitbook.com/@xoops/s/xnewsletter-tutorial/


Posted on: 3/25 8:40
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: xNewsletter 1.4 RC ready for testing

Very nice work! I'll need to test it....
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs


Quite a regular
Posted on: 3/25 11:05
alain01 (Show more)
Quite a regular
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Re: xNewsletter 1.4 RC ready for testing

Modules, books (tuto) !
Well done, Goffy,
as usually !
Thank you.
I will test in next days !

This module is perfect for our web site (https://www.monxoops.fr/) with "Allow new user registration" set to "no".