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Posted on: 2016/12/20 18:31
btesec (Show more)
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Mastop Go error

I am testing mastop_go_2 v 1.04
from https://sourceforge.net/projects/xoops ... ository/XOOPS2/MastopGo2/

On Spothlight page i get:

Fatal errorCall to undefined method MastopFormSelectImage::XoopsFormSelect() in C:xampphtdocsxops258testmodulesmastop_go2classformimage.php on line 36

The issue:
* When I go to create a spotligh I get a page without the header and not way to add a spotlight.
I disabled the line as indictated in the error above for this page:
line line 36 which is

then everything else works including adding a slide, however, the address for the image is not stored in the

the datbase "go2_30_imagem" field, i checked the database it is empty after I create a spotlight.

and also get "Notice: Array to string conversion in file
/modules/mastop_go2/class/mastop_geral.class.php line 480"

Any fix is welcome.