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Posted on: 2014/7/26 15:36
timgno (Show more)
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Xoops & SEO

In xoops core there are many duplicate meta keywords and descriptions.

Wrapped even more than 50, as caused by pages, register.php, user.php, index.php, etc.

In as many different modules unless you put to make this kind of work is a bit downgraded by google.

You should work a little to improve the seo in this regard.

For example, the modules, even if you use a mod-rewrite of the pages, we can not with the current code to redirect only static pages, google bot also takes those dynamics.

Looking in Google Webmaster Tools.

I would like your opinion on this and if you start working to improve the seo in xoops


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Posted on: 2015/4/28 19:02
JulioNC (Show more)
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Re: Xoops & SEO


So How do you resolve it?
Any change do you recommend it o fix/hack on code base?