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Posted on: 2014/11/10 14:53
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Just popping in
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DMS (Document Management System) and Swish-e integration

Hi !
I've just installed the DMS (Document Management System) module on a 2.5.7 xoops platform. There are some little errors due the old age of the module, but I'm patching that if needed.
The module seems to work very well but now I want to add swish-e capabilities to the file search and I'm a bit confused.
DMS stores the files as .dat (independently from the file_type that is stored, for each file, in the dms_object_versions table).
On the other hand Swish-e is able to index .doc, .pdf and so on via external plugins that have to convert the above files into text documents so that the search engine can index their content.
But it's not clear how Swish-e can gain the correct mime-type from and route the conversion to the related plugin for each .dat files stored by DMS, due the fact that swish-e seems to determine the mime type via the file extension.