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Posted on: 2014/10/20 7:45
irmtfan (Show more)
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Newbb: A stable version after a longtime

I think we should release a stable version of this great module until we could find time and skills to add great features. here is my ideas about it:

1- No feature will be added from RC to stable version.
2- The stable version will only work with 2.5.7 because of big structural changes.
3- All plugin.php configurations will be moved to module preferences for simplicity. include:
3-1- add an understandable option for changing interface buttons:
- image buttons
- CSS buttons
- text links
3-2- dropping unused options and revised others eg: valid_menumodes is unused

4- drop old templates and use full div templates. I hope a theme designer could provide us a better template.

5- Fixing bugs if there is any? honestly I cannot find any by myself. So we need your experiences .
Please write your opinions about the above-mentioned ideas. It will help to find the right way.
I hope we could release the stable version in one or two weeks.


Posted on: 2014/10/20 11:20
Mamba (Show more)
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Re: Newbb: A stable version after a longtime

Sounds like an excellent plan!

Welcome back, Irmtfan!!!!
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