What do you want/need from a XOOPS web host?
  • 2014/9/20 14:56

  • AndyM

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Hi all,

I've been hosting web sites for around 14 years now, and have been hosting my own XOOPS sites getting on for 10 years, as well as having written modules in the past.

I have been considering offering a XOOPS web hosting package, with support for those who need it as I know my way around XOOPS reasonably well (even though I've had a break from CMS stuff for a while). I am thinking of this for two reasons - one, obviously (and to be honest and up front) to help bring business to my web hosting service, and also to help support XOOPS and its users.

So, while I know XOOPS works on my servers without issue that I have found so far (apart from some older modules not liking newer versions of PHP), I was wondering if there was any "must have" features or options you've run into.

My basic (generic) package would support a small XOOPS site, but would people buy a specialist package tailored to XOOPS, that also included a certain amount of support for if/when you had problems?

An example would be: If you choose a XOOPS based package, the latest version would be installed automatically when you ordered, so you can then go straight in and start building the site without having to install it yourself.

Re: What do you want/need from a XOOPS web host?
  • 2014/9/21 18:57

  • AlexArvixe

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Are you just starting out or do you already a good number of sites? I think this is the perfect idea for a reseller, purchase a cheap package that has everything you need and offer specialist hosting such as Xoops. It really is a great way to get started in this industry.

As for the features you describe, they're not that unique if I am honest. I think the specialist support will be worth much more as some companies such as ourselves already do the pre-installed software.

Re: What do you want/need from a XOOPS web host?
  • 2014/9/22 13:15

  • AndyM

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I host quite a few sites over a couple of servers, but most of the XOOPS sites I host are my own, which are now down to 3. People go more for Wordpress or Joomla these days.

I would be offering specialist support as the main draw, with things like the auto-install being an extra feature. I think I'll have to do some more research to see if there's enough demand for it.


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