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Posted on: 2013/11/6 7:32
reWARder (Show more)
Not too shy to talk
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RSS in different languages

I have another question related multilinguality.

I would like to provide my readers with different language versions of the RSS feed you get through acessing backend.php.

Can anyone help me implementing multilinguality into Xoops's RSS feed?


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Posted on: 2013/11/7 0:29
redheadedrod (Show more)
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Re: RSS in different languages

Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I believe RSS feeds support channels so it is possible for you to provide additional language feeds by putting them in different channels but I am not currently experienced with RSS feeds and how they work to be able to help much.

I believe you will need to customize this file in order to do this. My impression is that the RSS feeds themselves are created by the modules in question and may require module modification to do this as well.

But as I said, I am not experienced with these but depending on what is on your system it could require some programming to accomplish.