themefactory-html5: how to fix forum alignment and top menu links?
  • 2013/11/3 0:18

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First of all, I hope I am posting this in the right place. If not, my appologies and feel free to move where it should go.

Last week my Joomla sit ehad been hacked. I just recently restored it but this has obviously left me very gun-shy of joomla. So I went looking for a CMS that would give me the following:
1.) Forums
2.) Online forms with online storage (for character sheets - is an RP community)
3.) Way to make documentation for settings and stuff
4.) Way to offer my tabletop game for download
5.) Mobile friendly (a must because I have some members that can't access the site otherwise)
6.) Secure - both against hacker attacks and spam bots - my site seems to be on the spam bots top ten places to hit or something...

In my search I found that it looks like xoops answers all my requirements. The security portion is really good from what research I've done, so congrats there!

So I've set up my xoops site in a subfolder (for now) while I get things done. I went to the xoops sourceforge site for the modules since the ones stored here seem very much out of date...

Now that I've given some background info, let me get into the reason for this post. (Yeah, I can be long winded, sorry)

I am using the themefactory-html5 theme because it at the moment is the only theme that looks alright and allows me to meet my mobile friendly requirement. If you have better suggestions though, please share.

I am also using the NewBB forum, version 4.33.

The issue - you know those little message icons and how they are all neat and horizontal? Well on my site, they are not. They are verticle, taking up a lot of screen space. I'd attach a screenshot, but I see no way to do so here...

Also, what is the correct way to change the top menu links?

Thanks, in advance for both reading my long post and answering!

Re: themefactory-html5: how to fix forum alignment and top menu links?
  • 2013/11/5 15:21

  • philchett

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Top bar menu links.
as i understand it the correct way is via the templates in the control panel.

click on the theme and you get the drop down where you will find navbar html.
this is the file you will need to change.

Note... in system preferences you will need to ensure
Check templates for modifications ? is set to yes

don't quite follow you here:- "little message icons"


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