Few old (but good) stuff
  • 2013/8/31 16:51

  • insraq

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Wow, I haven't been posting here for a long time - more than 2 years.

So I come across several old files when sorting out stuff on my old hard drive. These files are quite old but they might be useful to people here. So before I throw away my old hard drive, I decide to put them on Github.

Premium themes

I released a series of themes during 2010. Some of them are "premium", i.e. you have to pay for them back then It's been such a long time and I haven't seen active usages of these themes. So I've open-sourced them. You can do whatever you like: tweaking, further customizing, etc. I am not sure whether they work with current XOOPS or not. If it does not work, feel free to fix them (on Github, fork it, make the fix and send pull request)


XOOPS Installer

I don't remember exactly why I created the installer. I think it is for the never completed XOOPS 3. The installer itself is well-designed and has all the pages covered. So If you like, you can integrate it with current installer or do whatever you like


Old Free Themes

The place I used to host some of my free themes were shut down for some time. Luckily I've uploaded the most of my old (free) themes to Google Code. In case you don't know, here is where you can get it.


Re: Few old (but good) stuff
  • 2013/8/31 18:37

  • Mamba

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Hi Insraq! Good to see you around again!

For those of you who don't know - he wrote the excellent book "Design for XOOPS":

Resized Image

and graciously donated all proceeds to the XOOPS Foundation, which we very much appreciate!!! So yes, go out today and buy this book!!!

I am looking forward to check out the Installer and the themes. I know that I purchased bunch of them, but I don't remember if I have all that you've posted now.

Anyway, hope things are going well for you, and don't me a stranger! Now that you have your stuff on GitHub, we're looking forward to your next book!

And yes, XOOPS 3 is coming - as soon as we are done with XOOPS 2.6.0!
So we might still use your installer
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Few old (but good) stuff

I will certainly look at the installer at a minimum and see if it can be used in its current form or expanded upon.

I just forked it so I have a copy of it but I will look at it more later.



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