Theme Manager a module to personalize your theme
  • 2013/7/10 22:04

  • Tarik

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I'm Tarik and I've been lurking around since a while, and since then i had this module in mind, which had many rewrites from scratch every time i learnt something new or discovered a new feature of Xoops, or a major release like 2.6, but never released it thinking about waiting till i finish it, but the more the merrier, i uploaded an alpha version which will certainly have many changes to it
https://github.com/TarikAMINE/xoops_mod_tmanager ( 2.6.x )
rename module folder to 'tmanager'
the module's purpose is to be able to manage everything in the theme without touching html/css

I want your opinions, your ideas on how to make it better

To do list:
- atm its just colors but adding images is priority
- navmenu links manager (reluctant about pulling from a menu module)
- slider
- social icons

Re: Theme Manager a module to personalize your theme
  • 2013/7/10 22:14

  • Mamba

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Fantastic! This is very exciting!

I am downloading it as we speak....
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Re: Theme Manager a module to personalize your theme
  • 2013/7/10 23:06

  • xoobaru

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Hi Tarik,
Echo Mamba on that. I first need to setup the 2.6 test server though.

Yahoo had an icy cool user custom block content feature... however the following has one foot in the theme world and the other foot in the block manager.

Yahoo users, can select what content blocks they want to appear in their theme, as well as their positions. They have a sort of limited block admin feature at the users fingertips with the exception that for the user the interface is WYSIWYG, drag and drop from a master content menu. In XOOPS the admin equivalent is drag and drop of symbolic blocks. Users have no power to customize block content with XOOPS at this time.

Again I realize I am one foot in the theme world and one foot out here.

Re: Theme Manager a module to personalize your theme

Great initiative! One star on github!


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