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Posted on: 2013/4/25 8:32
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Just popping in
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Fatal error: Class 'xoopsUpgrade' not found

I need help.

My xoops isn't run. I try update but I have this issue "Fatal error: Class 'xoopsUpgrade' not found in /home/www/public_html/htdocs/upgrade/upd-2.3.3-to-2.4.0/index.php on line 28"

I am very worried, because this page is very important for our club. But we don't know how to run this xoops. this site was administrator by a person wasn't with us.

My old version was 2.3.X and my server update the php's module and my site wasn't run. Now I try to update but It's not posible.

Can I install the xoops until new installation and after import my page and my data base?
I follow the steps of guide to update ...but I still have problems.

Please .. HELP ME .. this is information on my server....

Version de Apache 2.0.64
Version de PHP 5.3.23
Version de MySQL 5.0.96-community
Version de PERL 5.8.8

thanks for all.


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Posted on: 2013/4/26 19:49
redheadedrod (Show more)
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Re: Fatal error: Class 'xoopsUpgrade' not found

What version are you trying to upgrade to?

You will find some modules will not run and will need to be replaced or upgraded if possible.
You DID backup your database and your original files before you started right?

You will want to disable all of your modules before you do an upgrade. If you can go back to your original site and disable them you should find it a little easier. Then when you perform the upgrade the only thing you have that can be incompatible is the theme. Once you iron that out you can enable each module one by one to see which ones were not compatible and need to be replaced.


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Posted on: 2013/4/27 2:07
irmtfan (Show more)
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Re: Fatal error: Class 'xoopsUpgrade' not found

That is strange:
are you sure that you correctly did upgrade process?

- make sure all needed paths and files are writable ( have 777 chmod)

the above is one of the main problems in upgrade fails.