How we upgraded the job board website
  • 2012/11/24 16:01

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Hi there, xoopsers!

Since 2007 I've been running a translation jobs board website powered by Xoops. Language related job boards significantly differ from job boards of a general subject because the main criteria for job posters and freelancers is a language pair required. Thus none of the existing Xoops modules could be used for a job board as they are (jobs, catads, etc.). Previously I used a heavily hacked version of catads 1.4, but it had a lot of bugs and was not as flexible as I needed it to be. I needed something new and Andrey (andrey3761) from xoops.ws gave me a hand with that. Below are some of the modules and solutions he designed for me for the last 3 months that have made the website more flexible and user friendly:

Resized Image

1. The Jobs module.

A brand new Jobs module has been created from the scratch. Now job posters can specify as many language pairs on a job posting page as they need with a new field made with ajax.

Resized Image

Also we replaced a direct contact button with a Quotes system.

Resized Image

To contact a job poster a user has to fill out a simple form with his pricing and deadlines information. Any user can be contacted via a new Contact me page imbedded in the Profile module (thus we don't reveal members emails that makes their profile pages more secure).

Resized Image

2. The Notifications module.

I have over 10,000 subscribed members that need to be notified of new job postings matching their language criteria, specified in their profiles. Thus sometimes I face a situation when over 3,000 e-mails have to be sent out at once. I have a shared hosting that cannot handle so many e-mails at the same time. So we came up with a new Notifications module that collects all the e-mails which have to be sent (sorted by priorities to ensure important e-mail are sent first) in one place and sends them out by packs of about 200 emails at once every 10 minutes with use of cron. Thus we ensured all e-mails are sent and every subscribed user is contacted. I consider this module as one of the best things we could do for this website.

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3. eWallet system.

Any good website has to bring profit. We decided to create a xoops Wallet system where users could transfer their money to in order to buy some paid features. The easiest thing we could think of is to create a new "funds" field in the Profile module and use it as a "Wallet". This field cannot be edited by anybody but the webmaster. Andrey also adapted the xDonations module to write data to this field. So now if you "donate" 5 dollars to the website the same sum is added to your Wallet.

This is a short description of what has been done. I believe this proves what a flexible system Xoops is and helps those who hesitate decide if they want to use it or not.

Resized Image

Link to the website: http://goo.gl/CzQN0

Once again, a great Thank you goes to Andrey for his dedication and great work!

Any feedback would be greatly appeciated!

Re: How we upgraded the job board website
  • 2012/11/24 16:21

  • Mamba

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All of this sounds very interesting and cool, congratulations to you and Andrey! It's good to see XOOPS enabling you to do all of this!

But the main question for the majority of people here will be probably if you plan to release those modules to the community?

Or how can you share some of you experiences so we can improve the existing modules?
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