Duplicating current XOOPS website to different language
  • 2012/9/3 1:45

  • chenliyong

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Hello all,

I'm an entirely brand newbie to content management system world, especially XOOPS, even though I've heard about it. I have a problem in the job and I think it's not too hard, but I just don't know where to start.

I was given task to replicate my company's website, which mainly using XOOPS. I don't know which XOOPS version they use, as I also just worked here 6 months ago, and there are nobody who can brief me about how the website works.

What I need to replicate, is the whole website, with different language. Their current website is in Chinese, and they want a link in the header of the Chinese website to link into the English version.

So, basically, if the main Chinese website is www.example.com, then I need to setup the English website in www.example.com/en. I was just downloaded the entire website contents to my hard drive just to find out how it's work. But after I open the php files, I just realized that I can't change the file manually as it's encoded within php scripting something, and I can't see any "real website words" at all. So I'm guessing there must be any language selection within the control panel somewhere in the XOOPS to change at least the user interface or control panel. But, as the website is in Chinese, I'm having a hard time to find where is the page to change the language option. Right now, I'm going to re upload all the website that I've downloaded to the /en/ sub folder, and hoping that it's at least the right thing to do.

That's my first problem. And now there's my second problem. As I'm trying to duplicate it, I certainly has to duplicate the SQL database too before I can translate them. I'm still confused about how to do that, as I'm guessing XOOPS must be use a fixed database name for the website, and I don't know how to point XOOPS to use another database name.

Anyone can give a hint or direction about whether if what I'm thinking is right, or which way is the right direction to solve this problems? I'm still totally in the dark about this. Any help would be very appreciate. Thanks. :)

Re: Duplicating current XOOPS website to different language
  • 2012/9/3 5:44

  • jimmyx

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no need to duplicate bro...You need to use the xlanguage module


Re: Duplicating current XOOPS website to different language
  • 2012/9/3 6:36

  • irmtfan

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Xoops is work with the database so all of your content are stored in the mysql file in the db.
Your php files have not any content.
you can see your xoops version in htdocs/include/version.php

ML modules in xoops will help you to have multilingual functionality so that the context of the contents are same but will be in different languages, but it seems to me that you want a separate website for the english version with different content.
In this way you should create another website from your original website.
please do the following:
1- copy the whole website from your original domain to a subfolder like /en using cpanel file manager or any ftp client.
2- copy your original xoops database with a different name/ username and dont forget to assign that username to the new database (using clanel database manager like phpmyadmin)

3- go to the /en/mainfile.php and change these setting by adding a "/en" at the end of urls:

// Physical path to the XOOPS documents (served) directory WITHOUT trailing slash

// For forward compatibility
    // Physical path to the XOOPS library directory WITHOUT trailing slash
// Physical path to the XOOPS datafiles (writable) directory WITHOUT trailing slash


also change the database information to match your new created database in mainfile.php (or xoops_data/data/secure.php for newer xoops versions):

// Database Password
// Password for your database user account

// Database Name
// The name of database on the host. The installer will attempt to create the database if not exist


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