installation question
  • 2012/5/28 12:02

  • TenLong

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although this might be a stupid question:

I previously installed the xoops system on my NAS, i.e in the local network. As far as i remember it was just copying the files and then browsing to the webserver with firefox. Now i want to install xoops on my webhosters server. I wonder how i can install it without anybody interfering the install process. Basically everybody can connect to the site at the same time and participate at the installation process.

Do i need put the webhoster account in some kind of administration mode?

Or is it only critical during the ftp copy process and - once i start the installation process and quickly set the admin password - everything is blocked during the further install procedures?

thanks in advance


Re: installation question
  • 2012/5/28 12:35

  • Anonymous

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With you database credentials at hand installation is done in minutes, after finishing the install the installation map is renamed automatically, so no one can mess with it...

Next step is closing your site in preferences --> general settings. In this way visitors get a "site is closed" message while you as a webmaster still have access.

Re: installation question
  • 2012/5/28 14:01

  • bumpeboy

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TenLong wrote:
Basically everybody can connect to the site at the same time and participate at the installation process.

Yes thats true anyone will be able to access the install folder for a minute or two if you make a public a announcement and provide the link....

BUT no one will be able to actually install it coz more details are needed at hand that only you will be having e.g the installing DATA BASE and folder permission.

Think of it like the cash machine with access to your money being on the street. Everyone will have access to the cash machine but only you can withdraw your money with card and pin.
Xoops is immortal.

Re: installation question
  • 2012/5/30 8:28

  • TenLong

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hmm, i think the standard installation procedure should be modified slightly. What i did now is:

1) create an index.php which simply shows an "under construction" logo.
2) copy xoops system via ftp to the server except the index.php file
3) rename the install.php file of XOOPS to something like index_install.php
4) upload the index_install.php
5) access via http://www.myserver.com/index_install.php and finish installation
6) after install rename index_install.php to index.php

In this way anybody accessing the page at the same time gets only the information that the site is under construction but does not know that an installation process of xoops is going on.

Simple modifications to the XOOPS package.

It might be no big deal to do it the normal way. However, if XOOPS is installed to a server which has a high frequency of visits, then i definitely would prefer that nobody can interfere in whatever kind of way.


Ten Long


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