Multiple approvers
  • 2012/5/19 11:54

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Is there any module for blogs/news that offers two approvers?


User write the text
Admin1 approves
Admin2 approves
Text is publish

The admin dos't need to be a group - it will be a person.

The story is that my daughter wants a blog with her friend. They are only 8 years and both me and the friends father needs to approve the content before publish.

Re: Multiple approvers
  • 2012/5/19 22:05

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I guess there is no module having this option at the moment... But also I am wondering why you want this difficult procedure. Those two little girls won't share world shocking military secrets, so why don't you fathers trust each others judgement about approving what they publish?

Re: Multiple approvers
  • 2012/5/20 15:52

  • Peekay

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I would put both children in a group with 'submit' permission and let them post what they like. It's no fun to have to wait to have posts moderated, even for adults.

If you then put the other dad in the 'Webmaster' group and asked him to subscribe to email notification of new articles, either you or he could log in and edit/delete anything objectionable.

Or, each dad + child team could agree to share the same password so dad could always edit the articles if needed. Of course, your daughter could change the password, but I think even an eight year old could predict their parent's reaction to doing that!

The News module has a separate 'Submit' permission for specific user groups.
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