Mytabs usage question
  • 2012/4/3 14:00

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I use Mytabs 2.2 on a xoops 2.5.4 site and get stuck when adding a tab to a particular liase form.

When adding the direct link to the tab itself I have to add the liase module to the Mytabs block I place on the page I want to use the tabs on. As a side effect the tabs show in all liase forms, which is not what I want...

Liaise has no block option to show a form in, is there a way to place a particular module page in a custom block?

This is the page I wrestle with. The "problem" tab is "Jaarlijks doneren"

Anybody having an idea how to solve this? Cloning liase or adding xforms for this one form is a bit drastic...

Re: Mytabs usage question
  • 2012/4/3 18:09

  • Mamba

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Since MyTabs are mainly for blocks, it might be not what you're looking for. Maybe jQuery Tabs would be a better solution for you?
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Re: Mytabs usage question
  • 2012/4/3 18:20

  • philchett

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if i read this right, i am thinking you have added a direct link to a tab heading. so when you click on it, it sends you to the form page.
(that certainly seems to be the case on your page)

I dont quite understand the bit about other forms showning tab.


I started experimenting with formulise a few months ago. The doctors now say i am ok again and have released me from the mental institution. So i have been experimenting again. one thing that you can do is stick a bit of given code in a php block to embed it in the tab.

Now i dont understand or know about this Perfectly horrible Programming language. But the code that i use goes something like this

include_once "/home/xxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxx.co.uk/mainfile.php";
$formulize_screen_id 1;

I have tried to bugger around with it to see if i could get it to display a liase form... but probally due to total ignorance i have failed miserably. You might fair better if my ramblings are pointing the the right direction.

Re: Mytabs usage question
  • 2012/4/3 19:48

  • Anonymous

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@Mamba Using a new tab concept is not an option, as it is a running site with nice running tabs for years now. In case a new tab concept is the only option I'll make a new page in the excisting site with normal links instead of tabs.

@philchett Your idea looks promising but I can't make it work. Looking at a tutorial I came to this... But the block is showing nothing at all in this way. Can anybody confirm a concept like this within a block could work? And if, what could make it work?



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