Adding php content
  • 2011/1/8 20:20

  • bstr72

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This is a really basic question and I feel stupid for asking but here goes.
I've been using the XT_Conteudo module to add html formatted pages of my own. Now I want to add content pages using php so my content is dynamic. I don't think xt-conteudo has options for parsing my content with php.
I can successfully make blocks with php content but this is not what I want. I want the dynamic content to be a full page. I want to reference the php content like I do the xt-conteudo pages:

http://<my web site>/modules/xt_conteudo/index.php?id=3

This way I can reference the pages from my main menu.

Can I make php content pages (not blocks) without adding another new module? If not, what module do I need?


Re: Adding php content
  • 2011/1/8 20:53

  • hipoonios

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I don't know about xt-conteudo. But with the TinyD module it works to add pages with php code without problems. Just make sure the page have the .php extension.
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Re: Adding php content
  • 2011/1/8 22:06

  • oswaldo

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You can use this code

include_once 'mainfile.php'

if (
file_exists('language/'.$GLOBALS['xoopsConfig']['language'].'/modinfo.php')) { 


//Here your content 


Re: Adding php content
  • 2011/1/9 6:30

  • bstr72

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Thanks all. I was able to get things working the way I wanted following oswaldo's advice. Simply put, you can create any php page you want and by including mainfile and header before your content and footer after your content, you get a nicely formatted page with your theme and all blocks. Sweet!


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