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Posted on: 2010/6/6 23:20
reputex (Show more)
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TDMPicture fatal error

tdmpicture 1.05 (xoops 2.4.4)


Fatal errorCannot redeclare class XoopsPersistableObjectHandler in /xxx/public_html/lxxx/modules/TDMPicture/class/object.php on line 409

hosting bluehost
Xoops    XOOPS 2.4.4
PHP    5.2.13
mySQL    5.1.46
API of Server    cgi
OS    Linux
safe_mode    Off
register_globals    Off
magic_quotes_gpc    On
allow_url_fopen    On
fsockopen    On
post_max_size    10M
max_input_time    60
max_execution_time    30
memory_limit    64M
file_uploads    On
upload_max_filesize    10M


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Posted on: 2010/6/7 9:43
webmystar (Show more)
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Re: TDMPicture fatal error

perhaps helps:

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=243513#forumpost243513


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Posted on: 2010/8/17 17:23
BeautyBrains (Show more)
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Re: TDMPicture fatal error

Does anyone know what this is "_AM_TDMPICTURE_PERM_256" it is one of the options listed in the TDMPicture group permissions.

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Also when an image is viewed it shows the file name; not always attractive. Can this be changed?
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