Re: Perl script for cloning iMenu

I am sorry but I don't understand what you have done.

Have you opened the files in a text editor program, like Notepad, and looked in the contents of the files for the text "imenu"? The text "imenu" should not be in the cloned copy anywhere. But I think it is.

I will test this sometime soon and see what I can find in a cloned copy.


Re: Perl script for cloning iMenu
  • 2009/9/29 13:42

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I have edit every files of the clone and chage every imenu in the name of clone (menu1). there is always white page when I want to use two clones together.

I precise that each clone work separtly.

Re: Perl script for cloning iMenu


I have verified that the cloning process seems to work as expected. I have tried it here on my own machine, and all copies of "imenu" are changed.

Since the clones do not work when they are appearing on the screen together, but they do work when they appear separately, all I can say is, do they have different names?

If you made a two clones with the same name, they could not interact.

The names need to be different.

I'm sorry I can't say more. There is almost certainly a fatal error in PHP, and if you can get your website to tell you what the fatal error is, then this will be easy to track down. You should look up information about how to get PHP to show you all the errors that happen. This is not a simple thing, since many web servers are configured to hide fatal level errors from users.



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