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Posted on: 2009/3/19 21:51
Catzwolf (Show more)
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Developers Discussion: Module Coding and Security

Hi Mod Devs :)

Over the last few years the biggest topic outside the XOOPS Core has to be our modules. In most cases, much of the discussion and focus as been around two topics, workability and security. I think many will agree that the community confidence over such issues is not what we would expect. So, now we have to reinstall the confidence and put module development back in focus where it was previously.

This area within the forum is to allow all XOOPS module developers the ability to have a central place of discussion regarding all aspects of the XOOPS core from using the object handler to adding group permission and more importantly coding security issues.

All developers are welcome to participate no matter how verse you are with php and the XOOPS System. I would like to invite the more mature developers in our circles to come in and help our newer module developers or those wishing to better understand the XOOPS system and PHP as whole.

Please use this forum for all your questions regarding module development, the XOOPS core and Security issues.

Let’s help each other create better safer modules for all the XOOPS community