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Posted on: 2008/6/18 15:58
syahzuan87 (Show more)
Just popping in
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i downloaded this new theme for my site and i dun like the grey border around it, it's possible to eliminate them using css stuff?

another thing, after changing a new theme all the fonts of my site have changed to smaller and a bit italic, is there a solution to that? (my site is in chinese)

thanks for ur help!


Posted on: 2008/6/18 16:40
Anonymous (Show more)
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Re: Modifiable?


Take a look at the theme's stylesheet.... possibly "style.css" or something similar.

You should find an entry for the "width" - set this to "100%".

Likewise, there should be a size setting under the "font" entry. This may be in pixel (px) units or just as a number.

Sorry, bit I haven't tried the specific theme myself.