Re: Job Listings not working
  • 2008/6/6 19:50

  • jlm69

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The idea of letting anonymous users add anything is crazy, you are asking for lots of problems. I probably took that out of the module, because it will be nothing but many headaches for the webmaster.

The error message about newclassifieds has nothing to do with it.

If you get that message your templates are probably messed up and you need to either delete all files in templates_c except for index.html or uninstall the module and redownload from my site then reinstall it.

I would have answered sooner if this was posted on my site, I don't visit XOOPS that often, and I could miss it.


Re: Job Listings not working
  • 2008/6/7 5:05

  • kidtroopa

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I would ask that you not remove the anonymous access in future releases. It would be more of a pain to have to require each potential candidate who wants to submit a resume to my company for possible employment to register an account.

I'm not getting any error message...just a blank page. I've also deleted all the files out of the tempates_c directory and re-installed the module.

Any other ideas?

Will your module also work with the new version of XOOPS 3?

What is your website by the way?

Re: Job Listings not working
  • 2008/6/7 12:05

  • jlm69

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I will not add it back in the module, but I will finish removing the option completely, so there is no blank page. The resume section is not really for submitting the resume for employment, it is more of a storage so you can send a link to it when you reply to a job.
It is much less a pain for users to register, than for the webmaster to remove spam from the site every day.
Another point, say I add a resume anonymously, say I make a mistake, who changes the mistake? It would have to be the webmaster. So the user would have to contact the webmaster and explain why they need it changed, otherwise any anonymous user would be able to modify it. That would be a pain also.
Because of spam it is wise not to allow anonymous users to add anything to any site.

My site is


Re: Job Listings not working
  • 2008/6/7 17:45

  • Peekay

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Hi jlm69

Haven't tried v3 yet, but did the issue with resumes that I had trouble with in v2.42 (mentioned in this thread) get fixed?
A thread is for life. Not just for Christmas.

Re: Job Listings not working
  • 2008/6/8 11:44

  • jlm69

  • Module Developer

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  • Since: 2002/7/19


Yes, it works on my site, if you do still have a problem let me know and I will help you fix it.





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