Re: Support your community members!
  • 2008/5/3 17:22

  • tom

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We've always have XOOPS Vs Other CMS Posts, and members have always welcomed them, giving their strengths and weaknesses, this is what always made the XOOPS project great in bad times, was the fact we could still stand there and say, thanks for mention another CMS, we believe you should use ours because, look at our strengths, look at our support.

That really can't be said so much now.

Note my post: https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... 2&forum=30&post_id=287952

This post was not removed or edited, it recommended a XOOPS user to RoundCube which is an open source php mail client. Why did this stay, well because it's not Impress. That's why.

If your going to ban one name, then you should ban them all.

Here was my other post:

Is it essential that it's a XOOPS module?

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this as it's non-XOOPS related, but there is another project called RouncCube, I really like their work, it is of course a webmail project:


It's GPL also.

I use this for my E-mail users, it's more efficient for me, and I've never had issues with it so far, but it depends on what your looking for.

Hope this maybe of some help.

If your looking for something integrated with the one login for XOOPS, then I'm afraid I think the only solutions are those you've already tried.

The spirit of the community used to be so great, since dictatorship rules, I'm really not so sure any more.

Re: Support your community members!
  • 2008/5/3 17:24

  • tom

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This PM from Mamba:


it was already posted before:

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... =&topic_id=63716&forum=29

You know the rules about double postings, right?

Thanks for your understanding.

And please stop telling us how to run our forums. We respect your ICMS forums and are not telling you how to run them. So please, return the favor to us as well. It will create much more friendlier atmosphere here.

You see it calls it their forums now, you jerk, these are the community forums, I've been here just as long as many others, and now your making me feel not welcome, because there not my forums. Well they are mine, his and her's, they are everyones.

And that post should of been a news article for a XOOPS module.

Re: Support your community members!
  • 2008/5/3 18:08

  • tom

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  • Since: 2002/9/21

I just realised he removed my other thread, which should of been a news article. He never even answered me.

Why are my news articles denied from your website and forums as you put it.



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