Interduce Yourself!
  • 2008/5/2 3:35

  • Runeher

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Let's not be shy here. Let's hear your story and how you stumbled across xoops... If you could post a little bio it would be nice!
Here is mine (lucky me had already wrote it ):

About Runeher (Rune Hauge):

He was born in in Norway, but now he works as a web designer and artist from his farm in Denmark.

Rune discovered XOOPS around 3 Years ago after trying out other CMS for a while, and fell completely in love with it because of its user backend simplicity. He uses XOOPS mostly for all new clients as long as the client doesn't disagree, which has never happend yet

He is self-taught and uses different script languages within XOOPS including PHP, Java, Flash among others, when developing new sites.

He is co-webmaster for XOOPS Nordic, XOOPS Norway, XOOPS Sweden and XOOPS Finland.

In his free time, when he doesn't work on XOOPS, Rune likes to train his five rottweiler dogs, work on his farm, remaking it to a castle for him and his wife, and he loves to play paintball, not because there are guns involved, but because it's great fun! He also likes scuba diving, horseback riding and he can't live without watching TV football (or soccer in USA).

OK, your turn!

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2008/5/4 3:39

  • sadistiko

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Aha, now I also can see this forum!

My nick is Sadistiko, and real name Ivan Kosak. I'm from Croatia, work in school as teacher of informatics but also have small web desing/hosting firm.
Before few (3-4) years I start to look what CMS would best suits for my needs and after few picks I stationize on Xoops. I'm not programmer but understand php, java script, html.

I'm married and how 4 year old son.

My free time is mostly spend on our wifi network in my town (Petrinja). I'm master admin there and responsible for network.

I'm one of founders for Croatian XOOPS support site (www.xoopshr.org) and I'm glad that XOOPS finaly going right steps now and we are finaly introduced here. I tried before (1-2 years ago) to set as as partner of Xoops.org but never got any reply.
Xoops past it's hard years, last year was really worring. Thats why almost all my cofounders of croatian suuport site went to other CMS like joomla, drupal and so on.

OK. this is enough
Croatian Xoops support site:
Lowcost linux hosting:

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2008/5/15 9:06

  • anderssk

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I better have to write something because Runeher is living in Denmark and I’m afraid he comes knocking on my door some late evening and XOOPS me

My nick is Anderssk, and real name is Anders Kristiansen. I’m from Denmark and work with IT-Security in a big Danish retail company.
I have been in the company since 1995 and work in many different departments. Mostly spending my time with user-support and documentation.
One day the security administrator on our mainframe left the company, and now I’m doing the job.
The biggest problem is my age – I’m only 35 years old and working with mainframes. That’s not normal!
I don’t know how many of you there know a mainframe, but normally a screen dump makes sense

It looks like an old system, but believe me. It’s rock!
At the moment we have 720 MIPS (million instructions per second)

I’m hope that we sometime next year will start up a project with IAM

Now, I’m a old Postnuke user, but needed something new. The usergroups and permissions in Postnike really miss some thing here.
I found out that I like XOOPS, but there were no Danish site.
The domain was taken, so I contacted the owner and he created the domain on his own server and I have full access.

My wife and me just bought a house, so when I not online, I properly doing something in the garden.

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2008/5/15 10:54

  • Runeher

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Great Anders... i called off the nightly visit..

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2010/6/13 18:28

  • deka87

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I see this thread is another one of this kind along with that one about how I came to xoops =) I like the idea though!

My real name is Yevgeny Simzikov. I am from Russia, from the European part of it. I am 22 and will graduate from the Balakovo Institute of Technique, Technology and Management in a week. My major is Construction Engineering and Translation in the Field of Professional Communications so I do translations for all kinds of technical documents.

After I graduate this month I am going to army for a year so when I am back I hope to find xoops in good health and 3.0 Final already released
Mind anchors

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2010/6/13 21:26

  • bjuti

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Hehe, I really think that I'm not fitting in the Xoops stereotype. :)

I'm 30 yrs old from Serbia. I was born and live in Belgrade. My real name is Uros Nedeljkovic and I'm finishing law studies.

I'm messing with computers since I'm 3 yrs old. ZX Spectum 48K, then ZX Spectrum 128 +2 (Amstard edition), then Amiga 500 since 89, Amiga 1200 (1993), Amiga 4000 (1998), then all gone to hell, since I become Windows user.

Now I'm using Linux and Win. My regular job is journalist (economy, law, IT), but I do web design, SEO and internet marketing. I have a party organisation since 2002. (contact me when you're in Belgrade)

In my free time I study a law, and Business academy (based on Cambridge program), and doing some freeclimbing (rockclimbing). I'm also mountaineer (sometimes) and I like go camping in wild.

My first telecomunication experience was in 1993 with 2400 modem (without MNP5). :) In 1994 I started a BBS (bulletin board system) on my Amiga. I discovered Xoops in 2004. (I was talking about this on the other topic). :)

My goal is to be a copyright lawyer, but who knows

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2010/6/13 21:33

  • Mamba

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My regular job is journalist

That's good!!! We need some good articles about XOOPS
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2010/6/13 22:04

  • bjuti

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I do economy and IT, but I spread Xoops wherever I can :) Also I did a website for magazine "Biznis i finansije" on Xoops, but I have no time to upgrade it from 2.3.3 to 2.4.5 and redesign it. To be hones, I'm a little scary, coz there is more than 1000 articles just in smartsection and more than 3000 in news module.

Also I have big plans for one new online magazine, but I wait the Publisher to be realised as alpha, coz I've decided to base magazine on it :)

Re: Interduce Yourself!
  • 2010/7/31 14:03

  • Bingorama

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Nicklas from Sweden. Have tried a few CMSes in the past and is now up to check Xoops. Currently using WordPress and Joomla on a few sites and feeling comfortable with both of them.

I'm an air traffic controller working part-time with my own company

Re: Interduce Yourself!

My nick is redheadedrod, my real name is Rodney Fulk and I live in the western part of Michigan and about the same distance from Chicago and Detroit. As a teenager I designed and implemented various automations in an environmental lab near me. I wrote this software soley in BASIC and a little assembly for an Atari 8bit type computer. At the time we were ten years ahead of anyone else running that sort of thing. I wrote this software when I was young and naive. My boss kept giving me projects that he didn't think were possible but didn't tell me he felt that way. And I got them done. At the time I had started on a computer science degree in programming with the intention of becoming a full time programmer. I think though that having people that were afraid of computers screaming at me when they found a bug kind of scared me away from the scene for a while. I ended up getting a job full time at the same location in a completely different field where I had no real computer access.

A few years back I decided to jump on the web bandwagon and started out with postnuke. One of the now developers of impress actually contacted me about xoops and wanted me to come to the xoops team and help with coding with the promise of holding my hand to get me up to speed then pretty much letting me loose after that. Unfortunately my life took a huge spiral down where I ended up becoming pretty much homeless living in a friends basement while dealing with huge financial losses and the loss of my father to cancer. After dealing with that stuff for 5+ years I am trying to pick up where I left off about 7 years ago and get back in the grove.

Currently thanks to Mamba, I have lots of books on php, frameworks, security etc but until I actually am building modules a lot of this stuff is still very new to me and a little scary and overwhelming.

My intentions here are to become a developer that knows his way around xoops as well as the core developers. I plan to develop for xoops as a past time and not a money maker although making money is always a nice thing. I am looking to make money off my own websites using xoops and the modules I develop as opposed to xoops its self. And the thought of developing modules that can be debugged with help from others is a great thing to me. I don't have to develop my website all by myself over years of time. I can use what others have already done and build on that.

Seems like a great thing..

Oh and since better modules will make a better site in the long run I also plan to document everything I learn along the way to help out other developers that are in the same position or similar to me.



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