XOOPS TrashCan!
  • 2008/4/9 16:43

  • eHobayyeb

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Hi Guys,

I would like to show you an idea came to my mind last day.

The idea is adding a (Trash Can or Recycle Bin) you name it to the XOOPS Core, how does this work?

Let me show it in examples:

1- I have SmartSection installed and and many articles I have added moderators to this modules the can edit delete and accept new articles or reject them, I will not allow them to delete an article but this will led me to disallow them from editing and accepting, so this Trash Can can help how? If he deleted an article or file SmartSection will not deleted it instead will send it to the Trash Can and hide it from the user side. Then the Admin can see the deleted articles before they actually deleted fro the database.

2-If I have a GuestBook and there is a moderator for it he cannot delete posts actually but he hide them from the user side and the module send it to the Trash Can.

2- In the comments you may allow a moderator to manage the comments and when he deleted a post this post will be hidden from the user side and moderator side also but it will be there in the Trash Can.

Why use this?

Sometimes a moderator may delete something based on his opinion but if you see the deleted item you may say the it is a mistake and he is wrong this item should not be deleted, but how you know it while he deleted it: by this TrashCan.

Re: XOOPS TrashCan!
  • 2008/4/9 18:04

  • Catzwolf

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Due to the constraints of the core and the way modules are designed this won't be happening anytime soon.

The core would have to give module developers 'hooks' within the core to do this, and hope that the developers develop their modules to use these hooks.

Re: XOOPS TrashCan!
  • 2008/4/9 18:34

  • eHobayyeb

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Whatever, it is just an idea.

Re: XOOPS TrashCan!
  • 2008/4/9 18:56

  • Anonymous

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eHobayyeb wrote:

Whatever, it is just an idea.

It's not "just" an idea.... it's a good idea and would be great if it could be done relatively easily.

Have you see the XOOPS 3 wishlist in the wiki? Take a peek and add your thoughts/ideas there. Who knows? It might be you who has the "killer" thought

Thanks for thinking; be great if everyone did

Re: XOOPS TrashCan!
  • 2008/4/15 14:34

  • eHobayyeb

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Thank you I have added it in the wiki


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