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Posted on: 2007/11/22 10:02
danyblue (Show more)
Just popping in
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CM4F for newBB moving to www.open-networks.org

CM4F is a tool used to integrated community communication tools based on emails, like mailinglists and yahoogroups, with forums. It allows to create a bidireccional communication flow between any of the systems, allowing the forum to become a clearhinghouse system.
Initially it has been defined to work with PhpBB but then it has been slowly being ported to other forums, like SMF and Newbb.
For a while the development has been lagging due to lack of time, and in order to avoid that the module becomes lost, i have decided to transfer the development for the XoopS NewBB version to the site www.open-networks.org, that has been making some experiences with a beta version during the last months.
I think that it is a good decision as at dev.digitalgraal.net, i have not have to time to update any information about CM4F.


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