A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 6:44

  • Catzwolf

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Xoops over the last few years has gone through some dark and despairing times. We as a community have been put through trying times and much focus and energy as been spent on the negativity, in house fighting and politics. It is safe to say that the reputation of XOOPS has been left battered and bruised, not by people outside of this community but by those people within it and we still face some hard times yet.

I look back and notice many faces and names of people who I have worked, joked, laughed with who now have left this community and I am not sure if the will be back. Why? Because we as a community have lapsed into an era of self destruction and arrogance, and if we do not put differences aside now, we will lose more than just the people in our community.

This is not a time for pointing fingers and laying the blame at people’s doors or trying to discredit others for something trivial and small. It is a time to take accountability for your own actions and ask yourself what can I do for myself, what can I change and what I can give to help further the changes that are happening now at Xoops.

Xoops has just not lost creditability in the CMS word, but in all areas of the business world. Many people have reported to me that they have lost clients, money and even some have gone into liquidation due to the issues here in this community. XOOPS can no longer afford to continue in this vain or more people will suffer in the long run.

This is not a time to continue harboring grievances or pouring fuel over flames that already burn day in and day out within this community. It is now time to lay them aside and use the energy better spent on rebuilding and not destroying we could or should have.

We now have the chance to rebuild, changes are happening slowly and possibly in the right direction for a change. I urge those who still have doubts, to lay them aside for a little while and help where you possibly can. Compromise is a good word to use here; we need to accept that while not everyone will agree with you, they will respect your point of view and you should do likewise. It is time to work together and start building bridges between the divides, and come to meet on common ground for the community, for XOOPS and yourselves for a change.

Yes this is a rally call to every one of the 50,000 plus Xoopers out there to start to rebuild in everyway possible here at Xoops.

Are you a Xooper? Really a Xooper? Because if you are, get behind the developers, get behind the people who wish to contribute, get behind the community and show your support and let’s build something we can all be proud of in the future.



Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 6:47

  • web-M

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I fully agree with you Catz!!

I couldn't say it better

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community

hhttps://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 9:39

  • giba

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web-M wrote:
I fully agree with you Catz!!

I couldn't say it better

Me too

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 10:13

  • goatboy

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Excellent post Catz!

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 10:29

  • EyeKeeper

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sad but true!

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 10:59

  • gtop00

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I do not believe that there is really anybody who disagree with you Catz.

Let's all go on Xoopsing.

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/6 14:55

  • irmtfan

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thank you Catz
i always want to help XOOPS in anyway i can.even if i see i am not helpful here i go to somewhere else where i can be helpful again.

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/10 14:44

  • kc0maz

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This past couple of months, I have been debating weather or not to drop XOOPS and go else where. I have opted for Xoops, here's why.

I see the potential in Xoops. I also know it is not going to reach that potential by itself. It is going to take work, work from many different people doing many different things.

If you want to see XOOPS move forward, it is up to you to stand up and say I'll help. We will find place for you.
Some dream of success, while others wake up and work for it.

Re: A Plea to the Xoops Community
  • 2007/7/22 7:29

  • draj

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Hi Darcy,

BlueStocking wrote:

On 2007/7/3, DJ declared a his council of his friends.

On 2007/7/4 I placed the following message:

Call for community action...

On 2007/7/6 Catzwolf placed the following message:

Please to the community...

On 2007/7/11 phppp/DJ announced Community Coordination Team

Announcement of the Project Team

On 2007/7/14 12:15 Tom mentions the existance of a

Little Hitler...

On 2007/7/15 21:07 you BlueStocking declared your resignation:

Declaration of resignation...

On 2007/7/19 Darcy posted following comments on the resignation:

On the off chance I was totally off base here, I resigned....

So what did you think of the plea of Catzwolf at that time and would you have to say today?


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