Re: Stick a fork in me, I
  • 2007/6/30 16:57

  • ewonline

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Sorry to see you go James. However, I would like to see the project continue and I would like to volunteer/apply for the position of "Server Administrator". I run a server for my own XOOPS site and have plenty of experience managing Linux based servers.
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Re: Stick a fork in me, I'm done
  • 2007/6/30 20:26

  • draj

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Hi James,

JMorris wrote:
You are absolutely correct. I am replaceable, so replace me.

Could it be that you are really badly hurt?

I just feel sorry for you in that you have served the community spending hours and hours and thereafter get some blames. It is then wrong behaviour of the people and I could therefore understand why you are hurt, if thats the case.

I do not know what happened and why.

However, I feel that you should use your wisdom and excercise a bit of tolerance. A group work is always difficult and there are people who throws stones and there are others who claps.

Responsible people needs to have the capacity to accept some ammount of wrong and unacceptable situations.

James, I do see and consider you as a responsible person and appeal you to reconsider your decision.

When XOOPS is going through a transformation, most of the responsible people needs to stick togather. If this does not happen, XOOPS community is facing one of the biggest threat of falling appart.

If you love xoops, continue your role. Stay togather, stick togather.

Re: Stick a fork in me, I'm done
  • 2007/7/1 3:09

  • irmtfan

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i am very sorry for those just want to blame others.
this person do many many good jobs for xoops.
if someone decide to leave please be fair and look at all his works (not his posts) then let him leave with happy ending.

james i wish you back to your position.
a moderator note:
this is not a place for personal attacks.i monitor this thread . one more attack and thread will be lock.

Re: Stick a fork in me, I
  • 2007/7/1 3:25

  • alitan

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I am sorry to see how many people are leaving Xoops.org administrative team. But what is more sad is that the amount of censorship and moderation on this website that has increased by lots since three years ago that I joined.
From the discussion of the logo and new theme to this thread, the moderators are willing to edit other people's opinion. This is absolutely against the fundumental freedom of expression. I mean come on, this website is international and we "mostly" live in modern countries. Can't we just respect each other's opinions? What is the reason of moderation if there is not dirrect insulting language?
Throughout this week, I have seen more than enough moderation in this forum and I think this should be stopped immediately. In the modern world, censorship no longer is the solution, but rather, it is the problem.
The more you censor, the more you initiate hatered, that is a fact.Continue this censorship and see how many more people will leave. I guarantee in a year we will lose 20-30% of the active members, and I will be one of them.
I think moderators should loosen up a bit, this censorship is getting too much tight.
Hopefully the Big Brother would not delete/modify this post...
Stay Free or Leave Hard...
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Re: Stick a fork in me, I
  • 2007/7/1 3:43

  • JMorris

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Why am I leaving?

For almost 2 years, XOOPS has had a higher priority in my life than my family and job. When your hobby takes over your life, it's time for a change.

Yes, I'm frustrated with a LOT of what I see in XOOPS, but that is only a minor part of my decision.

I have a family to provide for and to lead. That is much more important to me than XOOPS. Therefore, XOOPS must return to its appropriate role in my life; that being a hobby.

Whether you respect my decision or not, my decision is final. I will not be involved in management of anything regarding XOOPS. I have a wife and a little boy who need my leadership more.

Thank you to all of you who have taught me so much. I take with me experience that is invaluable and friendships that are more precious than gold. That makes all the frustration worth it.

To all of you who have criticized me... Thank you for your feedback. I will consider your points and will find ways to come across in a more professional manor. Thank you for your concern.

P.S. Could a Moderator please lock this thread. There's nothing left to say. I'm done. Let someone else step up and lead. Isn't that what Open Source is all about? Those who can do, do. Those that cannot, move on. I'm moving on.
Insanity can be defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Stupidity is not a crime. Therefore, you are free to go.

Re: Stick a fork in me, I
  • 2007/7/1 3:51

  • BroHam

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Dude, JMorris, peace be with you and I hope you have many happy days in your future. I know you're one of the big reasons I have XOOPS running my show.

@the moderating/censorship... I hope you'll not be too quick on the edit/lock-thread trigger. That's very annoying.

edit- nevermind, locking was requested by JMorris, who started the thread, and I respect that.
I don't know.

Re: Stick a fork in me, I
  • 2007/7/1 8:48

  • irmtfan

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ok topic locked as per request.
@ Alitan:
your points are appreciated just i dont know where is that topic you mentioned about new logo?( could pm me the link) .personally i dont like to edit ( censor??) posts. i prefer move/ delete/ lock.
a side note:

as you may know we are in a transient period. new sites should be build and community coordinator team is not officially announced yet.
old moderation team try to do its job for the few remain days.


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