Re: searching through pdf files
  • 2007/6/19 17:54

  • wcrwcr

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Hey Dave

That would be really nice....

Waiting for the download link


Re: searching through pdf files

I went to your site in your language and searched it for pdf files, I did not find any. So I searched for php files with the word login in them.

Results of that search.

Search site xoops.no php files for the word login.

the code for this search is

By adjusting the filetype [filetype%3Aphp] to filetype%3Apdf] or other of choice, you can adjust the link to reflect the site and filetype you want. To adjust the site you wish to search adjust [site%3Axoops.no] to your choice.

EXAMPLE: adjusted for pdf on xoops.org

Then go to bottom of the first page of results and select search within these results and add the word you wish to search for.

This is true on all sites, in all languages.

You could place this code as a link within your block.

This could take care of your immediate need until another module is developed.

NOTE: the easiest way is to type http://google.com and then in the query line add site:xoops.org filetype:pdf proceed to the bottom of the results and select search within these results and place the word you wish to search for in the google criteria line. (removing the text of your previous search that is already there) Google will give you another search page to complete this type of search.

I searched for the word manual in pdf files on xoops.org
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Re: searching through pdf files
  • 2007/6/19 19:27

  • huzhenghui

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irmtfan wrote:
is there a way to make XOOPS search through pdf files?
i have too many (about +200) pdf files and want to upload them somewhere so anyone can search them via XOOPS search.
is this possible?

I have a stupid idea. Writer a batch script. Convert the PDF to text.
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