Basic IFRAME Hotlink question

This isn't a XOOPS specific question, but a general one.

When using IFRAME to hotlink (like videos, games, etc...) does the bandwidth get used up from BOTH servers, or just the one your linking to.

I know it's a pretty basic question, but everything I've found online talks about webmasters being upset about their bandwidth getting used up.

Example - If I put a 2 meg flash game on my site, every time someone clicks on it 2 megs of bandwidth gone. If it is embedded from another site, does 2 megs of MY bandwidth still go bye bye? (Or maybe it is 4 megs gone because 2 megs to get from other site 2 megs to go to users computer!)

Alot of sites encourage this though, as they give tags to embed videos and games into your own site.

Thanks for everyones help in advance!

Re: Basic IFRAME Hotlink question
  • 2007/5/29 2:48

  • irmtfan

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it used the bandwidth of the site that flash file is uploaded.

Re: Basic IFRAME Hotlink question

Thanks you.

Re: Basic IFRAME Hotlink question
  • 2007/5/29 20:15

  • BDW

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In Europe Iframe Hotlinking can actually be ilegal if you dont have permission from the owner of the site you are hotlinking to. Dont where the law stands where you are but it might the same.

If it can be proved it can be seen as copyright theft.

Best avoid it if you dont have permission.

However if the site has embed tags then rest assured you will be allowed to emded it into your site.


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