userinfo.php issues
  • 2007/5/16 18:23

  • johno123

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hey guys...

i havent posted here for a while..but i have a question, maybe u could help. My site is an exoops and XOOPS mix from popscript...i see it is somewhat of a copy of xoops. I rerad in a forum here abouthtem ripping off XOOPS and selling it...i did not know about that...or i would never have purchased the script ...

Anyway my problem is

i have this site www.buddienet.com and my issue is...

when a anonymous user clicks on a users name...say it is in the forum or in the newmembers block...or wherever a usersname shows. when they clcik on it it goes to a blank page... example...


i have seen on many other XOOPS and exoops sites this problem is resolved.. it takes the anonymous user to a no_user.php page...and says they need to register..which is exactly what i want to happen...

any ideas from the masters in here?

Re: userinfo.php issues
  • 2007/5/17 2:37

  • sohrab

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I hv also modified original XOOPS to my likings and to make it a bit more secure. With all the hacks available, u can actually make it as secure as any cms can get!!

So, Now using original with all the hacks..works very good.

ne way, for userinfo there is hack for i believe v 2.0.13~2.0.16 that works, which version of core u'r using ?

for my 2.0.16 (latest stable) I have followed instructions from these below(visit following and can figure easily what u need to do),


https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=246125#forumpost246125

https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewto ... id=260976#forumpost260976

Please read away...

I'm sure others also can help

Re: userinfo.php issues
  • 2007/5/17 9:52

  • tom

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Ahh popscripts.

I don't mean to sound off, but if you payed for a free gpl product, why not ask them for support, they owe it to you.

Do you know what exact version it is based on?

Re: userinfo.php issues
  • 2007/5/17 18:32

  • johno123

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no support offered to me...those guys are not very helpfull..

how can i find out which version of exoops or XOOPS it uses..?

i think i fixed the userinfo.php anonymous problem. seems to be working for now ok...thanks to sohrab's reply yesterday.

my biggest question is why some XOOPS mods on here and elswhere..work just fine upon install into my buddienet.com site. And others do not...is there a line of code i could add to the XOOPS mods to make them work right on my exoops/xoops site?

thanks for any help..

xoops rocks!!!

Re: userinfo.php issues
  • 2007/5/19 5:34

  • JCDunnart

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If it's XOOPS you can find the version in include/version.php. I've never used exoops, can't help you there.

Why some modules work and others don't... well, there could be hundreds of different reasons. If a module doesn't work turn on debug mode and maybe you'll get some information to explain why.

There isn't a general reason for a module not to work, it can be anything from incompatibility with the XOOPS version to server configurations and setup.

Re: userinfo.php issues
  • 2007/5/19 8:55

  • tom

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On the back of what JCDunnart has said, and after you find out the version, I would consider upgrading the cms and module versions.

This could be a very old cms version, containing many bugs and security risks, not to mention incompatibilities with php and MySQL versions, especially as some server providers are upgrading to newer versions.


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