installproblem 2.0.10 => 2.0.16
  • 2007/4/24 11:08

  • cath22

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I try to do an install from a 2.0.10 version on my laptop to 2.0.16. I followed the instructions as stated in the "upgrading from any XOOPS ranging from 2.0.7 to (using the full package)"
At note 7, to acces the site with the browser I get the screens as if doing a new install, but I guess thats ok, but at some point when it says "checking database" I get a RED light and the sentence "tables for XOOPS2 already exists in your database".
And then it just halts.... what to do??

This is a test run, My site runs on, but I can't have the same happening there.

Thanks in advance for answers
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Re: installproblem 2.0.10 => 2.0.16
  • 2007/4/24 12:21

  • Lance_

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Sounds like you copied the mainfile.php from the 2.0.16 package over your existing mainfile.php. Therefore, that mainfile.php redirects to the install.

Hopefully, you have a backup of your initial install. Then put back the mainfile.php, upload the upgrade folder, and run the upgrade as per the instructions.

I've just uploaded a site from, without a hitch. THe instructions were perfect.

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Re: installproblem 2.0.10 => 2.0.16
  • 2007/4/24 12:42

  • cath22

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Hmm, the instructions said in "2. delete htdocs/mainfile.php and htdocs/install"
Meaning the new version?? While I thought meaning the old version??
Hmm maybe I'm being blond after all....

I will try that hihi, I do have a backup (I'm not that blond)

Edit: yes it works like a charm now, Thanks again
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