Any working Blog module?
  • 2007/2/27 0:39

  • trina

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Does XOOPS have any working blog module? I have tried three of them so far and none of them seem to work. I need to add the ability for my users to blog and am considering changing CMS because of this. Also XOOPS seems to be dead. There doesn't seem to be much support for as many people that use it.

Thank you for your help

Re: Any working Blog module?
  • 2007/2/27 1:06

  • Reintjan

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There doesn't seem to be much support

Well... you're giving active support back to community I see. 5 posts in 8 months....tsss...
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Re: Any working Blog module?
  • 2007/2/27 1:10

  • aph3x

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just "none of them seem to work" will probably wont give you much help, there are some blog modules that work and several sites using them ...also "three of them" is not a module you will need to specify which and what errors/problems you encountered when testing them... "XOOPS seems to be dead" since you posted in ourl little graveyard welcome among us "the living dead xoopsers"
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Re: Any working Blog module?
  • 2007/2/27 2:48

  • ghettonet

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I've been using the "Word Press" module for a year or so and it's been great for me - http://living-abomination.stufftoread.com

Search for it, i think there's an updated version.

Re: Any working Blog module?
  • 2007/3/1 20:03

  • dannie

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I've been using Weblog 1.46. I like it and it's been working fine for me. You can see my site here: http://www.gowiththefro.ca. The front of the site is my blog using the weblog module.

Re: Any working Blog module?
  • 2007/3/1 21:36

  • JMorris

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I too have been using the Wordpress module for some time and I like it quite a bit. http://mywebresource.com/modules/wordpress/

The latest version is not following the "official" path of the original standalone Wordpress, but instead is being developed in a different direction.

It's very simple to use and has a very nice WYSIWYG editor.

You can get the latest version from http://xoopsforge.com/
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