XoopsFormDateTime problems
  • 2006/10/13 9:09

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Could somebody please confirm my findings?

1. XoopsFormDateTime don't work at all in XOOPS 2.2.x in any browser.
2. XoopsFormDateTime in 2.0.x don't take mouse input in Opera, but is OK in other browsers.

Am I right?

My site is stuck on xoops2.2.x and I really need a datepicker NOW. I like PiCal's use of the Dynarch JSCalendar, but then I'll have to get rid of my XoopsForm setup. I also haven't got it to work easily after skimming the instructions. So here are two more questions:

1. Does anyone have a wrapper class for the jscalendar that makes it XoopsForm ready? -or-
2. Could anyone write a quick and dirty step-by-step tutorial on how to incorporate a stock download of jscalendar into xoops?

Please feel free to move this posting if it doesn't fit here...

Re: XoopsFormDateTime problems
  • 2006/10/16 18:54

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No replies. Does this mean that I should just forget about using XoopsForm and start building forms manually?
require_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/class/xoopsformloader.php";    
$dateForm = new XoopsThemeForm("Set date"'setDate'XOOPS_URL."/path/to/my/file.php"POST);
$dateForm->addElement(new XoopsFormDateTime("Date: "'setDate'));
$dateForm->addElement(new XoopsFormButton(""'setDate''Submit''submit'));

This code will work OK in XOOPS 2.0.x in Firefox and IE, but in Opera the popup ignores mouse input (though it still works with arrows and enter).

In XOOPS 2.2.x the calendar control isn't properly initialised (the text field shows YYYY/MM/DD instead of today's date). When I click the button the popup calendar will show in Firefox and Opera, but not in IE. The calendar will seem to work in both Firefox and Opera (keyboard response only in Opera), but no response is sent back to the webpage (probably because of the init problems). I also suspect that the init problem is why it won't show in IE.

So, either things must be broken in 2.2.x or there must be something wrong with my setup. Questions:

1. Is this a known problem?
2. If so, is there a way to solve it while using the XoopsForm classes?

Hope so,

Re: XoopsFormDateTime problems

The XoopsFormDateTime in XOOPS 2.2 does use a stock jsCalendar with a XoopsFormElement child class wrapping around it.

I have not experienced problems with using this, it works fine on e.g. http://cw.dk/arkiv

Do you get any JavaScript errors? (bloody difficult to troubleshoot in IE, but one can only hope)
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Re: XoopsFormDateTime problems
  • 2006/10/16 23:33

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Yes, I got some js errors, and also when loading the page. So I tried switching to the default theme, and suddenly everything works. Problem solved, but now I think it's time to rewrite my theme from scratch

Thanks, Mith, thread closed and no bugs found

Re: XoopsFormDateTime problems
  • 2006/12/20 16:21

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I just wanted to complete this thread with the solution to my problem:

The Norwegian language file for the popup calendar is incomplete!

I've reported this and a fix as a core bug, and I hope it'll be updated in future releases.



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