XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/1 17:23

  • AndyM

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I'm working on a site with someone - I had talked him into using XOOPS, which is fine, but a while later, he says he wants to split the up into regions with their own sub domains, E.G. http://www.us.domain.com, http://www.uk.domain.com and so on.

I have done some research and read several threads on here; and there seems several different ways, and a couple of multi-site hacks that I could use.

Basically, I'd appreciate any comments on what others have done, and any tips you may have on sharing content between the sub sites - before I start messing around and pulling my hair out...


Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/1 19:44

  • nekro

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I ve done something for that ( something like a entire hack and a entire module :P ) ... it s until in testing... but its working... tomorrow when i get to the office i will give you more information.... if i forget... send me a PM!... luck!

Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/1 20:12

  • wizanda

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Research Simple XOOPS there is a long thread of ours translating it from german and then it got langauges; basiclly XOOPS with multisite hack..still never got around to fully testing it my self...

Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/1 20:59

  • tom

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I would love to see a multi-site hack be made as standard with xoops, after all not all of us have the ability or sometimes knowledge to set up LDAP servers or other authentification methods.

If a multi-site hack is to succeed for existing XOOPS users, there needs to be a script which can also update UID's on profiles and modules throughout a site, to make it work with other existing sites, other wise the multi-site hack might have two or more sites where a member might have different UIDs on the different site.

This could get complicated with exisiting sites though, as there maybe two people with the same username, therfore, there should be an option to to rename one username with a prefix, then an option to merge accounts should you need to at a later date. this also includes a member with different usernames and uids which might need merging.

Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/2 3:13

  • nekro

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for the glad of everyone ... ( my glad first! )... i ve done it! ... i repeat it still in testing... but i have:

- Multisite with N number of sites.
- Ldap Authentification working allright with the hack
- Shared Tables ( which makes able to share users! )
- Main Module and Theme repository and a module to
administrate which is enable for each site.

I want to know if anyone knows spanish because the HOWTOs of the hack are now in spanish and i ve not much time to translate them now.

Maybe we should make a full project in dev.xoops.org about multi site!...

Anyone had made something about multi-site to share?

Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/28 9:58

  • Shiva

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The MultiX module sounds like a great module and it's something that I could really use right now. Can you just answer a few Questions?

Is the module now fully usable?

Can I host multiple domains sharing tables from one database?

Will the users be able to register once (from one domain) and then have access to the other domains also?

I can speak a little spanish - and I will probably have to translate in order to understand how it works - so let me know if there is some way that I can help you guys.



Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/10/28 15:17

  • nekro

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It s fully usable, every buttom you use... has an aplication but is steal in development and testing.

I am using in a site "in production" and it have more than 10 sites all working, more than 2 weeks on-line... and not problem happened.

Here is the email for MultiX quetions, sugestions, bug reports and fixes.

About you are going to be able to register in one site and use the same users in the others... the answer is yes.

Skalpa send me a "trick" to share tables easyly with out changing files or anything related, the trick is using MySQL 5.
If you are insterested here is the post in the forum with the trick and a little fix.

Re: XOOPS multi site...
  • 2006/11/9 14:04

  • Shiva

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Multix is a great module - thanks for sharing.

I have it installed, I have a couple of questions.

- Is it possible to let each domain administer and develop their own set of templates?

- I am getting domain not found when trying to change the status or administer the domain.

- I am also having problems installing modules but I think it is because of the above point.

Thanks again,



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