Re: News module +keywords
  • 2005/7/14 23:24

  • exbanious

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you might want to turn your debug on and see what it says.
there are several places in news 1.3.1 that make references to the keywords function.
off hand, "admin/index.php", "submit.php" and "class.newsstory.php", in addition to "article.php". you would have to add these references in as well...

i had made several modifications to news 1.2 and found it much easier to port those changes over to higher versions, rather than add elements from later versions to earlier ones. but everyone has their own method, so do whatever works for you.

Re: News module +keywords
  • 2006/6/17 21:12

  • przemeks

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Hello guys,

I use News 1.44 and this hack doesn't work, i don't know what is wrong.

My query to database (example):

SELECT FROM xoops_stories WHERE MATCH (keywordsAGAINST ('xoops, cms, php') AND storyid != '2'

I add fulltext to 'keywords' row.

The code:

$number mysql_numrows($wykonaj);


always return '0'

I think that this query is wrong...

I don't have any other ideas...

Could anyone help me ?


I removed from query

AND storyid != '$id'

and this query return the same story. Something of this query must be wrong.


I check several queries and I know what the problem is. This query search stories which include all of those keywords in row 'keywords' not one...

Any ideas ?


I work on XOOPS - in this version something must blocks this query.


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