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Posted on: 2006/6/4 15:32
katim110 (Show more)
Not too shy to talk
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disable right mous click (DEBASER)

I want to disable right mous click in debaser is there an script who can do that? and where should I put the code?

thank you


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Posted on: 2006/6/4 17:12
Jan304 (Show more)
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Re: disable right mous click (DEBASER)

Just use your favorite search engine (ex. Google) and use the keywords no right click and you will find plenty of scripts. Once you got one, place it in themes/[theme]/theme.html (you may have to remove all the files in templaces_c te reflect changes).

Except from that, I have such and scripts because they are completely useless. I see no reason on using such things since they are easily to get around.
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