Is this possible?
  • 2006/5/29 2:20

  • holmie

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is it possible to have setting that allows members who have like a 250 posts to be able to download from a certain folder. im using xoops22_mod_cbb_232 for the forums and RMSOFT Downloads Plus 1.5 for the download system. so is it possible that if a user has like a certain amount of posts, then he can download from a folder only available to members with more than 250 posts.

Re: Is this possible?
  • 2006/5/29 10:25

  • serf1

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I would find such a function useful.

The way I would see it working is that users could earn the right to become part of a higher ranking group with access to extra areas of the site.

Re: Is this possible?
  • 2006/5/29 10:28

  • davidl2

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This has been in wf-downloads since 3.0

Re: Is this possible?
  • 2006/5/29 13:09

  • msdana

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Minimum posts required to download

Enter the minimum number of posts required to download a file

I see this option in the Module Preferences for WF-Downloads. I'm assuming that it will apply to all downloads, and not just a specific folder. Is that correct?

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