individual user management?? student/teacher type of thing?
  • 2006/5/13 4:07

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Any ideas welcomed...

I need the following functionality for a pretty serious system. I am investigating different ways and thought running it past the XOOPS community would be an excellent way to get some ideas...

The whole system is a student-teacher kind of paradigm. Here are three main things that I would like to be able to accomplish.

1->When a student logs in they have access to content that is private between them and their designated teacher.

Anyone in the teachers group can have access to all students' information but no other students can have access to each other's stuff.

The kind of things I need to do are...
make a report on a task that was done by a student. post that report and invite feedback from the student - forum type of idea would be fine I think.
Need to be able to track the history so that the student/teacher can refer to past reports.
online text and uploadable files preferrably....

2->online scheduling.
each student has a particular schedule.
I need to be able to post their schedule online and be able to have the student/teacher access it.

each student has to be able to clock in and clock out...need to be able to generate monthly reports from this...

Thanks very much for any and all opinions and ideas,

??????- isogebamaware

Re: individual user management?? student/teacher type of thing?
  • 2006/5/13 12:02

  • nachenko

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