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Posted on: 2006/4/20 14:32
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Intercept Google search word - can you do that?

When I search Google for businesses in specific U.K. towns, I've found that some websites get listed in every search, no matter which town I enter.

For example, when I visit a site, it will say 'Our services in Leeds'. After the next search, the same site will say 'Our services in Manchester' .

I have no doubt this is considered clever SEO, but I find it annoying because it makes it hard to locate genuine local businesses.

I just wondered if anyone knew how this deception was achieved. Is it simply speculative duplication of content for every major town, or is there some fiendish script at work?
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Posted on: 2006/4/20 16:59
Jan304 (Show more)
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Re: Intercept Google search word - can you do that?

I expect it just filters your referer URL and check or it's once with google in it. Of so it filters out the keywords.

Try disabling your referer or visit directly the website (copy-past).

Grtz, Jan
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