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  • 2006/3/13 11:52

  • dan2006

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I see that most XOOPS sites I go to have a lot of content on their index or login page, and I’d like to do the same.
Right now all I can manage is either a blank page except for login and main menu.
Or I can go to preferences “Module for your start page” and list “message board” and get this…..


But would like to accomplish something like this…

which has a lot of content (modules/blocks) on the index or login page.

Compliments to Seolio for nice website

Any help greatly appreciated, Dan from NH

Re: blocks / content on main page
  • 2006/3/13 12:14

  • pessi

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each of the modules you install (or atleast many of them) have a block utility which you can find in admin>blocks

for eg. if you want the posts in your forum to appear in the index page, just go to admin>blocks and there are some blocks for forums (eg. newbb) like "recent posts", "most read posts" etc....select edit that block and select the option that it should appear in the "indexpage". You can do likewise for any module (or atleast most modules).

if you like something like the example site you gave then select the position of the module as center >left, right/center as you please,

hope this helps.


Re: blocks / content on main page
  • 2006/3/13 12:56

  • dan2006

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Well....when I go to block admin and then select a block/edit block the the options I get are

visible in
Top page
All pages
Message board

there is no index page option, and when I select "All pages" it still doesn't place it on the login/index page

I'm using invision board so maybe the problem is there, but it the same with news or any other block I edit?

Thanks for your suggestions, any more?

Re: blocks / content on main page
  • 2006/3/13 14:35

  • Lance_

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2 things to check.

1. Again, set the blocks you wish to appear on the index/main page to "Top Page", those set to "All pages" should appear on all pages including the main page.

2. Check the Groups permission so that the permissions are set to see the block, you can specify which group sees what. Ususally give access to the Anonymous group the blocks you want to see when not logged in.


Takes a little playing with.
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Re: blocks / content on main page
  • 2006/3/13 22:21

  • dan2006

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Thanks Pessi and Lance,

Changing the groups permissions did the trick.


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