Re: Community Module
  • 2006/3/7 11:25

  • csbjerke

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Well, personally the extended profile is great.
All i need until a proper community module exists is:
1. The option of uploading images or other files (that i can give permissions to in size and filetypes)
2. The ooportunity of changing the theme file so that i can have the different categories showing where i want them, and not together under eachother.
3. More customizable options for the search-profile-page, to give different groups options to search for.
4. The personal site (domain.com/personal) but this is not extremely important to me.

Anyone out there that knows how to make this kind of hack to the extended profile module? and willing to do it?

Re: Community Module

There are 2 issues here, and it is important not to confuse them.
1) the first page a user sees when they log in (e.g. My Yahoo)
2) A "Home Page" for the user to present themselves (e.g. Yahoo Profile).

Myself, I'm much more interested in case 2 - the user has an area on the community site that they can use to promote themselves and their activities within the community.

Option 1 was something I had not considered. I would love for it to be possible that a user chooses only what news items, article categories, and even what modules they see according to their preferences, but this is not so important for me and I guess a long way down the line.

Option 2 I think is the more important, option 2 could therefore be used for option 1 as the user wanted.

Also, using the Yahoo paradigm above, the next logical extension is "Yahoo groups". Whereby on a large enough website people could form separate sub communities (e.g. Cats on a pets site, RPG on a games site, etc) and creating a group would then allow access to a separate discussion forum, photo gallery, etc.

Before anyone has a heart attack I know this is a *massive* amount of work (and I'm not suggesting it, merely discussing it), and as I mentioned before would have to have a lot more close configuration between modules - maybe to the extent that they became core (or a core API for each module type was defined) but I've evaluated almost all of the major OpenSource CMS/Portal systems out there, and while most of them are great at presenting heirarchical data in different, I don't think anything has the ability to build communities of this type. I guess I've really undervalued all the tools that Yahoo provides.
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Re: Community Module
  • 2006/3/7 14:20

  • csbjerke

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I've just checked out a new posibility that answers almost all of my wishes, and it is called Hi5.

The only things that i would love to add here is an incorporated blog.

And yes, i do know that this is a massive project for programmers, but i also believe that it has great potentials as more and more people are interested in keeping in touch with eachother, such as schoolmates or summer-camp friends etc.

anyone think that this is possible? or will it remain a dream?

Re: Community Module
  • 2006/3/15 0:11

  • djriel

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csbjerke wrote:

4. The personal site (domain.com/personal) but this is not extremely important to me.

Anyone out there that knows how to make this kind of hack to the extended profile module? and willing to do it?

Actually this is THE MOST interesting part for me.

I also want to be able to have a simple URL to point to for a personal (or "team") version of the site.

So some way to create either an actual directory, or to use the redirect functionality in some cleaver way (I'm also not a programmer) so as to be able to create a "simple directory" for each user ( ie. http://www.xoops.org/djriel ) to have thier profile page on or another start page like their blog... I'd be in heaven :)

Re: Community Module

Should be possible

1) Automated response-ish.

When your webserver can't find a page, it displays a 404 error. If you have a custom 404 error page, it may be passed the address of the page that failed (depending on how the web server is configured). It is conceivable to change the page into a script to redirect from
http://www.mysite.org/myusername to

2) Not automated and outside XOOPS.

Assuming your webhost provides you with a tool like cpanel, you should be able to redirect any web request to any address.

You only need to find the page you want to link to, copy it's URL and redirect your address http://www.mysite.org/myusername/ to point straight at this.

Hope this is of use,
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Re: Community Module
  • 2006/5/26 15:23

  • mxgames

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You can do this with mod_rewrite.

I got in contact with the owner of mingleville to ask him if he used mod_rewrite and he does.

this is a rule that i have got so far:

RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9]*)$ /profile.php?view=$1 [L]

But the only problem i have at the min is that even if it is that when u access the site it automatically redirects you to the profile page


I have now finished the rule and it works!

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^$ /index.php
RewriteRule ^([a-zA-Z0-9_]*)$ /somepage.php?someuser=$1 [L]
ErrorDocument 404

You can see it in action here:


Hope this helps.




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