CSS problems
  • 2006/1/23 5:06

  • unimatrix

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I've been over the documentation and looked until I was bugged eyed at the code, but I have two problems I cannot explain.

I am creating a template for our church's new site based on the XOOPS default. I've changed dark blue to a lighter blue, as sanctioned by the Episcopal Church, but I can't seem to find the tan header part underneath.


I want to change that tan part to the web shade of red as sanctioned by ECUSA.

Next is the background graphic. I tried changing it in the CSS file from bg to the new ghostshield.jpg that I create and want it to tile "under neath" the main sections of the site.

And of course the logo is having issues too. I tried placing the correct size in pixels in the IMG SRC in the theme.html page, but it doesn't want to accept the new size settings for some reason.

Any help would be great on where I need to change and what I need to change.

Re: CSS problems
  • 2006/1/23 9:49

  • hal9000

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right firstly
the tan navbar
needs to change in the file style.css to

#navbar {background: #ff0000;border-bottom: 1px solid #aca899;padding-top: 2px;padding-bottom: 2px;padding-left: 5px;cursor: default;}


#navbar {background: #ece9d8;border-bottom: 1px solid #aca899;padding-top: 2px;padding-bottom: 2px;padding-left: 5px;cursor: default;}

the background: #ff0000 is the red bit ffat the start being full on red

if this -http://www.transfigurationchurch.org/cms/modules/agendax/images/headbackground.gif - is your background image then its in a strange place - you might want to make it more local to the theme. and you also don't have it doing any repeats x or y

in the bit of code just after your body tag you seem to have fixed those dimensions for the image into the code

<td id="headerlogo"><a href="http://www.transfigurationchurch.org/cms/"><img src="http://www.transfigurationchurch.org/cms/themes/ecusa/images/logo.gif" width="148" height="80" title="Home Page" alt="Home Page" /></a></td>

you may want to remove the width and height completely and then make sure the table cell it is in is big (high) enough to hold the image

that should just about do it i think

hope that helps

Re: CSS problems
  • 2006/1/26 22:18

  • unimatrix

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Thanks for the help, I got the navbar to the offical webcolors of ECUSA.

However I'm still having trouble with the background image (which I can work on and the logo)

See this is what is being a bugger on the logo. When you choose view source it gives the listing:

width="148" height="80"

However this is what I have listed in the "theme.html" page:

<td id="headerlogo"><a href="<{$xoops_url}>/"><img src="<{$xoops_imageurl}>images/logo.jpg" width="55" height="70" title="<{$smarty.const._YOURHOME}>" alt="<{$smarty.const._YOURHOME}>" /></a></td>

I have the height and width as they should be, however XOOPS doesn't seem to take into account that they have changed. 148x80 was the default the template originally came with. I am thinking I'm not changing it in the right place, but I can't find where else it is listed. Changing the theme.html page seems to do nothing to the site's design.

Thanks for the help so far.

Re: CSS problems
  • 2006/1/26 22:38

  • stefan88

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There are two things you may do:

Delete all files except "index.html" from "templates_c" folder.


Set to ON "Update module template .html files from themes/your theme/templates directory?" in admin: Preferences -> General Settings

Re: CSS problems
  • 2006/1/31 5:42

  • unimatrix

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Sucess! That worked, now everything is displaying correctly. Thank you very much for the help. I knew I was missing something somewhere.


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