Login twice
  • 2005/11/26 16:39

  • ItachiWolf

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I think i asked this question before, but my members and I have to log in twice, each time we want to access something. I tried editing somefile, but im not sure it was the right one.

Im running XOOPS

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Login twice
  • 2005/11/26 17:36

  • minkoilman

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Try editing mainfile.php. The file includes the following code (in 2.2.3) ...

// XOOPS Virtual Path (URL)
// Virtual path to your main XOOPS directory WITHOUT trailing slash
// Example: define('XOOPS_URL', 'http://www.yoursitename.com');
define('XOOPS_URL', 'http://www.yoursitename.com');

Try adding www. in front of the addresses listed here if they aren't there already.

Re: Login twice
  • 2005/11/26 18:15

  • Peekay

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When editing mainfile.php (or any PHP file) make sure the editor doesn't leave any blank space after the closing PHP tag. Common issue, but can cause endless problems.

Also, try to upload PHP files in ASCII mode. This automatically converts line feed characters in the file to the correct format for the target server OS. To be honest, most servers aren't that fussy, but in my experience this has caused problems with some scripts.
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Re: Login twice
  • 2005/11/27 18:09

  • ItachiWolf

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It still makes me relogin twice :S

Re: Login twice
  • 2006/1/10 13:36

  • Abishai

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I have the same problem on a couple of my sites.

The problem exists on xoops.org, just try it:

Login at xoops.org and then try to access a page at www.xoops.org (or v/v) you need to login again although Who's online shows you are still online...

So can someone help with this? Is there a solution already available somewhere?


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