Re: 2.2.x: User Menu, No Inbox....
  • 2005/10/4 18:23

  • DevlshOne

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Followed the same migration path, 2.0.13 ---> 2.2.2, as directed by the upgrade procedures. Updated all modules. Updated all templates. No INBOX in the main menu. Please help.

Re: 2.2.x: User Menu, No Inbox....
  • 2005/10/4 18:40

  • DevlshOne

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Sorry for the Double - no EDIT post rights.

Also, when loading Private Messages admin, nothing appears under Index tab.

I made an Inbox block module for 2.2.x
  • 2005/10/11 19:34

  • CoolPops

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I have resolved this on my XOOPS install of 2.2.2 by making a module called pmblock. The only thing that the module has is 1 block and a template. It creates a block that looks like:

* Private Messages

You have 8 new messages
and 13 old message.

View Inbox

That's all it does. Nothing fancy but it works. You can download this very simple module by accessing:


I want you to know something about this module though... I hacked it together in 15 minutes. It's no art work, it has no promise to do anything at all. I don't have time to support it in a thousand different installs. I thought about not even giving it to anyone else, but I decided maybe someone could make use of it.

Another thing, once 2.2.3 final is out and I verify that it does the Inbox correctly like old versions (or has something equivelent) I *will* be removing pmblock.tar.gz from my website.

It does work on my test XOOPS install of 2.2.2 and also my production 2.2.2 (http://lifewithchrist.org) install. Those are the only two places I have tested it.

I hope this quick fix that really doesn't fix anything good will be helpful to someone.

To install it, copy the pmblock.tar.gz into your modules directory on your XOOPS install, then uncompress it. It will create:


From there, just go to your module admin and install it like any other module and enjoy!

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