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Posted on: 2005/10/2 16:17
metin (Show more)
Just popping in
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Adding Groups & PDdownloads Comments Infos to UserProfile ?

we are using 2.0.13 ( www.remixland.de )

Did get help with this code from Mithandir for my userpoints module:

function tabComments($uids) {
$module_handler xoops_gethandler("module");
$pdmodule $module_handler->getByDirname("PDdownloads");
$sql "SELECT  COUNT(*)  FROM ".$xoopsDB->prefix("xoopscomments")." WHERE com_uid='$uids' AND com_created > '$periodej'";
        if (
is_object($pdmodule)) {
$sql .= " AND com_modid=".$pdmodule->getVar('mid');
$comb) = $xoopsDB->fetchRow($xoopsDB->query($sql));
$abacus $comb;

and did add add later this code in index.php at line 142( userpoints ) to see if the user is member of an special group or not:

$member_handler =& xoops_gethandler('member');
$member =& $member_handler->getUser($uid);
if (
is_object($member)) {
$cur_groups $member->getGroups();

        if (
$xoopsUser->isAdmin(0)) {
                if (
in_array(8$cur_groups)) {
"<td align='center' class = 'even'>"._UPTUYES."</td>";
        else {
"<td align='center' class = 'even'><b>"._UPTUNO."</b></td>";

I want to add PDdownloads Comments & Which Group member the user is Infos to the userprofile of every member.

What would you say ?


XOOPS is my life!
Posted on: 2005/10/2 16:21
JMorris (Show more)
XOOPS is my life!
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Re: Adding Groups & PDdownloads Comments Infos to UserProfile ?

Please do not click the submit button more than once. I've deleted your duplicate thread.

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