XOOP gallary and BLOBs
  • 2005/9/27 12:16

  • brother52

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Does anyone know of a gallary module that can store the actual picture in a blob field?

I have limited web space (100Mb), but I can create an unlimited nunber to mySQL databases and this storage is not counted against the 100Mb..

I have found the PHP neccassary to create and store a thumbnail, so I migh start developing my own. Is there a good 'base' image viewer I should use?

Re: XOOP gallary and BLOBs

Interesting loophole in the server specs...
But you might find that the host server will get bogged down if you are pulling a huge quantity of db data.

You might want to look at the core image manager for ideas. It already handles blob storage of images. The image manager needs work anyway so if you're a good coder it might help the core devs if you come up with improvements.
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Re: XOOP gallary and BLOBs
  • 2005/9/27 13:05

  • brother52

  • Just popping in

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Yep, I found that a very interesting loop hole, and I wonder how long they can allow such hole ... this is how they state within their FAQ:

Is there a limit to the amount of databases I can create ?

No, we don't stipulate a limit so long as your databases are actually being used. Because of the nature of a shared server all databases are kept in a single server directory and you will need to create a unique database name. If someone else on your server has created a database name, you will need to create a variation so that each database name is unique. MySQL databases are not currently included as part of your disk space allocation

I only installed XOOPS two days ago, and I am not sure what the 'core image manager' is .. is this part of XOOPS, PHP, or mySQL? Sorry for asking what is probably a stupid question ...

As for coding my own, I am probably an avarage coder, but could handle this task, given enough time...


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