Dumb question but no clue how it works (think they are avoiding answering it on purpose) but how many page imppressions do you need in order to get paid by google adsense?

Do you get paid only for clicks or impressions as well?

I've had it running for 3 days now and just about to hit 900 impressions but nothing is showing revenue wise in the google adsense page.

Is only updated on a monthly basis etc?


Re: google?

I'm pretty sure payout is on a monthly basis. Would mean too much overhead to do it daily.
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Re: google?

any ideas on what page impressions are worth per thousand etc?

Are there alternatives? (better money etc?)

It's just a community site so no bid deal but was wondering what this might be worth annually for an average of 15,000 impressions a month.

Also wondering what people are paying google to list and how much of a percentage they are making out of it?


Re: google?
  • 2005/9/22 4:07

  • monique

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I use PPC and I'm sure your ad revenue is based upon click throughs and not on impressions. The Google guys are no dummies and they aren't going to take an expense on zero revenue. I've heard that the income from that advertising is more likely to pay for a meal out each month rather than a car payment. Keeping your expectation in perspective is key with Google. Also, remember that some words are worth $2/click and others are worth $.05, so consider how relevant your content is to the higher value words.

Good luck --


Re: google?

well thats just dumb it means they are getting a lot of advertising for free without paying for it if they only pay per click.

I think I'll give it a month then ditch it.

i'm sure people paying google are paying per impression.

Re: google?
  • 2005/9/22 9:58

  • zeroram

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For what i know...Adsense is a mix between impresions and clicks from that total it will convert to a certain %

example yesterday i got

Page impressions  Clicks  Page CTR  Page  eCPM Earnings  

,345               36     1.5%     $0.38   $0.89  

it will also depends on how much that advertiser bid 

for their links if they bid low.. you will get peaunuts

as you see is a mixed % between the conversion of clicks and impressions.

BTW as you am not getting any richer with this

Re: google?
  • 2005/9/22 10:29

  • sikey

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To answer the question, advertsiers have the option to choose between CPC and CPI... Currently i have some new car-related sites which are only having a little traffic, generating no clicks, but still generating +-0.20$/day... Why? Because i'm sure some cra-advertisers are very willing to pay, only showing their brandname on some sites...

Re: google?

is it possible to specify only CPI rather then CPC advertisers?

Also is that 0.89c per month? if so thats insane I'm going to pull my google ads.

How much are customers paying google for those ads, I'm sure a lot lot more and they are just ripping us off.

Are there other contextual advertising providers out there?


Re: google?
  • 2005/9/22 11:47

  • luciano

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I earned about 20USD per day with Adsense... untill they closed my account. Just like that, I still had 260USD to receive. No prior notice, no warnings... nothing.

At the same time I got an explanaition by mail: "illegal clicks". Trust me, I didn't click on my own ads, neither did the freelancers... So I sent them an email to ask where those clicks were coming from, untill now I didn't get any answer.

Re: google?

Did you get paid out the $260?

How long had you been using adsense?

How high was your click through ratio? I'm assuming all of this monitoring is managed by automated trigger tools.

What are you using now?



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