Different Blocks in Different Themes?

Hi All,

Is it possible to display different blocks in different themes?

The application/reason is that I want to create a "simple" theme for newer users who are not presented with so much information. Going on to a different theme would then allow them access to more modules.

I guess it could be hacked using something like Center Left and Center Right blocks, and not displaying one sort, but I'm looking for something a bit more generic than this.

I'm guessing it's not possible as it goes against the sort of XOOPS philosophy, but you're a creative bunch so I'd welcome any suggestions....

Many thanks,
Gareth Wilden
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Re: Different Blocks in Different Themes?

The whole point of the theme is that it doesn't care about the content, but just the styling.

So yeah, it goes against the sort of XOOPS philosophy.
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Re: Different Blocks in Different Themes?

There's a workaround for this:

What I did was create two themes, and then edit theme.html of the first them to display $xoops_lblocks and $xoops_rblocks, but omit both $xoops_clblocks and $xoops_clblocks; vise-versa for the second theme, display the center left and right columns, but omit lblocks and rblocks. I have $xoops_clblocks within "td id='leftcolumn' so the formatting is the same, similarly for $xoops_crlblocks in a table column of id='rightcolumn'.

This allows me to define blocks and add them to either side block left and side block right, or center block left and center block right, so they show up only in the theme I want them to.

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